October 24, 2009

Yemeni army bombs three markets in north

Press TV - October 24, 2009 17:42:45 GMT

Houthi fighters in Yemen say they have inflicted heavy losses on government forces as the army continues to target residential areas in Saada Province

In a statement released on Saturday, the fighters said they captured two military camps along with all their equipment in the town of Al-Razih.

The Houthi statement also said that the government continues to target residential areas in the Northern Province, leaving dozens killed and wounded.

According to the statement, the military planes targeted a crowded market in the Shaaf area of Saada Province, killing several people and wounding others.

Four civilians have sustained critical wounds, the report said.

The military planes also attacked two other markets in Al-Razih and Sahar in Saada Province, destroying many shops and buildings in the area.

In al-Iqab, army troops along with an armed vehicle attempted to take the control of the Samaa base; they, however, failed and their armed vehicle was destroyed.

According to the statement, targeting civilians has only led to the strengthening of the people's solidarity and encouraged them to resist tyranny.

The fighters, led by Abdul-Malek al-Huthi, have been engaged in fierce fighting with government since the army launched 'Operation Scorched Earth' on August 11.

The government accuses fighters of seeking to restore a religious leadership in the northern areas that was overthrown in 1962.

The Houthis, however, say they want more autonomy, a halt in alleged Saudi-backed efforts to cause regional insecurity and to impose Wahabism in the region as well as an end to discrimination against their people.

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