October 23, 2009

Locked in Gaza - Internee Interviews

Doctor Mustafa Al-Hawi, 50, lecturer at al-Aqsa University

Mustafa al-Hawi, holds a Ph.D in environmental management and he currently works as a lecturer at al-Aqsa university.

He lost a job opportunity in Spain due to the blockade.

“I feel very traumatised, pissed off and very sad for not being able to travel and to have the freedom to do whatever I like,” he says. (2:39):

Fadi Bakheet, 27, hip hop group manager

Fadi Bakheet is the manager of a hip hop group called “darasheen, the Arabian revolutionary guys.”

His group missed out on an opportunity to represent Palestine in a festival in Copenhagen due to the siege.

“I don’t think I would leave Gaza if things were better because this is my home, the worst thing about being here is being trapped and not be part of the world community,” he says. (2:31):

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