October 30, 2009

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Boycott Israeli Goods

The PSC and BIG call for a comprehensive boycott of Israeli Goods

A personal boycott of Israeli products helps remove consumers from complicity with Israeli apartheid. As ethical consumers we can conduct our boycott ‘where we are at’, in whatever town or country. International networks and co-ordinated activities are proliferating. PSC branches engage in regular boycott activities across the UK.

Vegetable exports to the European market are crucial to the Israeli economy, amounting to some 80 per cent of total exports. The UK continues to be the largest market, taking 60 per cent share of export volume. Potatoes, capsicum, fresh herbs, dates and cherry tomatoes, generated the highest returns to Israel’s growers in 2004-5. Companies such as Carmel Agrexco were the beneficiaries. Raising questions about labelling and sourcing at supermarket AGMs has become a feature of our boycott campaign. DEFRA and the Office of Fair Trading have faced demands for clarity and legality on labelling. Department stores such as Selfridges have taken cosmetics produced in Israel’s illegal settlements off their shelves, only to replace them under duress from the Israeli Embassy.

The BIG campaign aims to promote a consumer boycott and to actively campaign against corporations selling Israeli goods.

BIG aims to store files on corporations selling Israeli goods on Who Sells Israeli Goods page.

Some common Israeli goods:

  • Tivall (Sainsbury's Meatfree Hot Dog Sausages and Vegetarian Sausages)
  • Carmel (West Bank) (Organic Fruit and Veg sold in most Supermarkets)
  • Tomer (West Bank) (Organic Fruit and Veg sold in most Supermarkets)
  • Beigel and Beigel (West Bank) (Sweets and Pretzels etc)
  • Agriver/Flowersdirect (West Bank) (strawberries sold in Aldi), but also other berries, cut herbs, pomegranates, figs, peppers, passion fruit, plums, carrots, cut melons, cut mangos and many other products.


  • Galil Wines (The Golan Heights) (Waitrose, Sainsbury's)
  • Palwin Wine (West Bank) (Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose)
  • Carmel Wine (West Bank) (Smithfield Wines, Manchester)
  • Tishbi (Smithfield Wines, Manchester)
  • Binyamina (West Bank/Golan) (John Lewis, Waitrose)

These are just a small selection of the illegal goods exported from Israel, feel free to add to this, it is just our attempt at increasing awareness.. Distribute to as many as possible and if you're looking for fresh produce, Always Buy Local.

More information on who profits from the occupation.

Please sign the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign's e-petition to the Scottish Parliament which calls "the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive and individual MSPs to cancel all contract(s) they have with Eden Springs Israeli water company.

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