October 26, 2009

IRGC says no guards arrested in Pakistan

Press TV - October 26, 2009 15:54:42 GMT

After media reports claimed that 11 members of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps were arrested for crossing into Pakistan, the IRGC moves to reject the allegation.

Earlier in the day, reports claimed that Pakistani forces detained members of the IRGC inside Pakistani borders, linking the incident to an earlier request by top IRGC commander Mohammad-Ali Jafari for permission for his forces to confront Jundullah terrorists in Pakistan.

Reacting to the report, head of the public relations office of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Sharif told Press TV that the detainees were not members of the IRGC.

"That part of the report related to Sepah [IRGC] lacks credibility and is not true," Brig. Gen. Sharif said on Monday.

Another informed source told a Press TV correspondent that those arrested were Iranian border police who were hunting down fuel smugglers.

"In line with efforts to fight fuel smugglers, a number of Iranian border police forces chasing fuel smugglers entered Pakistani soil by mistake," he explained.

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