October 25, 2009

Israel increasing military build-up near Lebanon

Press TV - October 25, 2009 08:29:32 GMT

Israeli soldiers

Israel is sharply increasing its military build-up at its bases near the border with Lebanon while putting Israeli troops on alert.

Israel has increased its military patrols near the border with Lebanon, including the Golan Heights, IRNA reported on Saturday.

The Israeli forces held military exercises on Saturday in the region and in most of the southern parts of Lebanon explosions due to the exercises could be heard.

Over the past week, Israeli forces have repeatedly violated Lebanon's air space, land and sea territories.

This is while the Lebanese army has taken necessary precautions to confront any Israeli aggression.

In 2006, Israel launched a disproportionate offensive on Lebanon, but the attack was strongly repelled by Lebanon's Hezbollah movement.


  1. Good.
    I enjoy watching IDF gets its ass kicked.

  2. They're preparing their war on Iran, having practiced a two-front war with the Lebanon and Syria about a year ago.

  3. Actually, They are preparing for another war with Lebanon because they need the waters of the Litani River due to the fact that they have squandered all of their fresh water resources and have dried up all of the natural aquifers in the entire region of Palestine! They need to fill their swimming pools with something.....

    There has been a drought in that region for years now, and water scarcity is becoming acute. They need a new source of fresh water, and voila, the Litani River is only 12 miles over the Lebanon border... So they will just create another false flag operation, and invade southern Lebanon right up to the Litani River, and then use the excuse that they need to stay there because of "Hezbollah" attacks! Problem of water shortage will be solved through the murder of thousands of Lebanese by these Zionist criminals!

  4. I hate Israel, my father used to say what a great country Israel was. This in New Zealand. How 30 years has turned Israel into the most disgusting country on Earth.