November 23, 2009




  1. The reason for the great global warming scam is simple. It is purely to create and hype the potentially trillion dollar carbon credits market so that the investment houses and their paid supporters that are perpretating this hoax can make zillions from the ensuing bubble before it bursts leaving the poor taxpayers to pay the bill yet again.

    It would be interesting to see who is funding the so-called scientists and media supporters to help blow up this bubble.

  2. What a load of bollocks people seems to be talking about the climate change 'scam'. What these people fail to recognoize is that a proper understanding of the implications of climate change by the public is the biggest threat that the coporatocracy have faced EVER. That is why we see carbon trading (which will do nothing to alleviate climate change- because they have co-opted the goverment against it, because these arseholes think its such a coup to have turned that threat into a huge moneymaking scheme! You only have to look at the pattern and nature of the lobbying done by big business to see that they have fought tooth and nail against any meaningful reduction in emissions or regulation thereof. Get a grip people and realise that climate change is REAL and that the only real response to it is a fundamental shift from rapacious profit driven, ever expanding consumption and resource depletion to a world of sustainable production.

  3. Selma, aren't you a quaint FOOL! Climate change is real? DUH, its called WEATHER!!! Climate changes by definition.

    The question is, are we affecting it SIGNIFICANTLY. The answer is NO.

  4. The scam was originally called 'global warming' but when the data showed the trend was actually global cooling the scientific and corporate conmen hedged their bets and now call it 'climate change' So, who's talking bollocks?