November 22, 2009

Arab League demands international inspection of Israeli jails

22/11/2009 - 10:46 AM

CAIRO, (PIC)-- The general secretariat of the Arab League has called for opening the Israeli jails for international inspection and monitoring to put an end to the Israeli violations of Arab and Palestinian prisoners' rights.

The League, in a press release on Sunday for its assistance secretary general for Palestine and occupied Arab lands affairs Mohammed Subaih, asked the human rights groups to pressure Israel into opening its jails for inspection since it’s the only country in the world legalizing torture and administrative detention.

It called on the world community to force Israel into halting crimes against detainees and to end its violations of international doctrines in this regard.

Israel should be held fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian and Arab detainees in its jails, the League said, pointing out that around 200 detainees had died in Israeli jails as a result of torture while 1,000 others are held while suffering different chronic and serious diseases.


  1. PRAISE GOD, they are finally catching on!!! Call the World in on ALL the Zionist's actions. Shine the LIGHT under the rock. Call in EVERY international inspector of EVERY subject, from water, to POLLUTION. Make Israel start treating ALL People as EQUALS.

  2. Not just the jails. Demand inspection of their nuclear sites too. You know the nukes they don't have...or maybe do...nudge nudge! wink wink!