October 08, 2009

‘The Times’ lets everyone off the hook on Goldstone

by James North and Philip Weiss on October 8, 2009

The New York Times is covering the Goldstone Report. Where is it covering it? Well: the furor over the report among Palestinians. We’re pretty sure this is a good story. Neil MacFarquhar is on it. But it’s really not The Story, it’s just an angle of a hugely-important international story, and the only angle the Times is covering.

Here’s what the Times refuses to cover:

–the furor over the Goldstone report on the part of the Israel lobby in the U.S., and the pressure it’s put on the Obama administration, number one. Even J Street has been quiet about the Goldstone report, while it puts out a statement applauding an Israeli Nobelist.

–and what about the political jockeying over the report, the decision by the Obama administration to bury it and make the Palestinian Authority do the dirty work? Important story. Nothing. Mike Hanna of the Century Foundation said two weeks ago that the report’s troubling findings were going to be very "tricky" diplomatically for the Obama administration. He was right. He knows what’s gone down. Why isn’t the Times calling him for comment?

–the incredible discomfort that Goldstone, a Jewish judge who denounced apartheid, has created among liberal American Jews who know that Gaza was a horror but are afraid to face these facts. Nine dead Israelis, 1400 dead Palestinians: of whom the majority were civiilans. The Israelis destroyed the only remaining flour mill, destroyed chicken farms with bulldozers, and dropped white phosphorus on children. American Jews were never silent about napalm in Vietnam. Here they are tonguetied and helpless, and the Times is helping them to avoid this important question by suppressing the news.

–Nothing in the Times about the many Jews here who have supported Goldstone, including Jews Say No!

–No editorial yet in the Times.

This is about discourse suppression. It is related to the fact that the New Yorker, the leading cranial IV for the Establishment, has said nothing at all about Gaza in 10 months. No: Gaza and the persecution of the Palestinians there is an untidy embarrassment to the liberal Establishment.

The New Republic has actually been more responsible than the Times and the New Yorker here. By publishing raving maniacs like Michael Oren and Yossi Klein Halevi, it has at least informed its readers where it hurts, that this is ideologically disputed territory. The Times has told its readers, Only Palestinians care about this. More mush from the wimp.

One other point. Mainstream liberals are quick to call for people to speak out on Third World countries and once upon a time in Eastern Europe when human rights are suppressed. It’s easy to condemn the Soviet Writers Union or ministries in Africa for not speaking out against genocide. What’s hard is to report and speak out on issues that cause your own readers to squirm. The true measure of intellectual courage is, you go ahead and do it anyway. The Washington Post, the Times, the New Yorker and others have failed this test.


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  1. This piece explains AGAIN, why Jewry is always indicted as a whole - why Jews cannot be judged as individuals, and why this cabal has been so effective at advancing their interests at the expense of everyone else for thousands of years.

    If liberal Jews ABHOR the sins of their brethren, but do nothing... they are part of the problem.

    And that is the problem - we are condemned for identifying Jewry as a cabal, even as they behave as one.

    Non Jews are forbidden from criticizing Jews as a group because we are instructed that Jewry are not a monolith of ideas or political beliefs.

    We are cautioned every day to question the 'motives' of authors with Arab names - who opine on all things Middle Eastern...

    Yet Jews are never questioned for their obvious ethnocentric bias.

    That Goldstone is himself a Jew - is supposed to quash any thoughts of Jews as a cabal...

    but that's exactly the POINT! ..

    Jews proffer other Jews as straw men - in these neutered attempts to 'expose' the crimes of fellow Jews.

    Nothing ever comes of it...per Mearsheim et al -- while Jews claim clean hands - because a damning critique saw the light of day - for a day.

    It's all part of the same old scam....and nothing changes.

    I want a old fashioned, unapologetic JEW HATER to have a forum in the mainstream news.

    I want to see the most incendiary accounts of the most vile acts - broadcast on PRIME TIME NEWS.

    Let's start with March 11, 2008 when JEWS shorted 1.7 million shares of Bear Sterns with inside information, and made gazillions....

    Naked short selling of manipulated stocks that lost 98% of their value in ONE day.

    The SEC can uncover their identities... and my money sez its because the SEC is run by fellow Jews.

    This is how it works - in every industry, in every segment of our economy. Where 2% of our population continues to scam the rest of us out of 9 of every 10 dollars of our economy -

    Jews own all of our TV and radio stations, all of our legislators, and the FED.

    We gentiles are prisoners with no voice.

    So there are no INNOCENT JEWS. Each and every one of them knows and actively participates in the occupation of America. We are laborers in their fields, and warriors on their battlefields.

    And nary a one of us is allowed to rattle our chains without swift and public excoriation and crucifixion.

    Sound familiar?