December 01, 2009

Jewish Progressive Endorsement of Murder

Gutsy progressive congressman Alan Grayson leads a double life

by Max Blumenthal on December 1, 2009

Since defeating an incumbent in Florida’s Republican-heavy 8th congressional district last year, Rep. Alan Grayson has emerged as one of the progressive movement’s most vocal champions. His attacks on Republican obstruction of healthcare reform and staunch opposition to escalation in Afghanistan have earned Grayson effusive praise from many liberal bloggers and activists.

Even before his election, Grayson gained recognition from the Wall Street Journal for being a "fierce critic of the war in Iraq" who sported a "Bush Lied, People Died" bumper sticker on his car. Recently, Grayson to CNN, "People want to see a congressman with guts. And America likes to hear the truth."

Grayson has battled for the public option and opposed the wars Obama has inherited from Bush. Of course, these positions are upheld by a broad swath of congressional Democrats and, at least in the case of the public option, are supported by a majority of Americans. But when it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Grayson is fully programmed by AIPAC and the pro-war, pro-settlements wing of the Israel Lobby.

In an interview in March with the Philadelphia Jewish Voice, Grayson revealed two meetings he held the previous week with AIPAC Executive Director Howard Kohr. In the interview, Grayson explained how Kohr helped to "educate" him about Israel-related issues, then misquoted the Abba Eban line, "The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

GRAYSON: I met with Howard Kohr, the head of AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], twice last week.

PJV: And what was the gist of the conversation?

GRAYSON: The gist of the conversation was that Iran is a tremendous threat to Israel and needs to be stopped. And I agree with that.

PJV: And what about what is going on in the Gaza Strip; was there any conversation about that?

GRAYSON: Yes, we talked about that. I think what AIPAC often tries to do is to educate Members of Congress who frankly follow this a lot less closely than I do. In my case, I read Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post online four or five times a week, so I am pretty familiar with the circumstances and why the war took place. As a famous Israeli once said, the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Grayson’s January 8th statement explaining his vote in favor of Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip read like a mimeograph of those released by other AIPAC-friendly members of Congress. However, its introductory line stood out: "Congressman Alan Grayson, one of three incoming Jewish members of Congress, issued the following statement on the situation in Gaza."

Why did Grayson feel compelled to advertise his religion in a statement in favor of a war that would ultimately kill 1400 people, including at least 400 women and children, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza? Grayson lately voted to condemn the Goldstone Report that confirmed these figures. And why does Grayson toe the AIPAC line on Israel’s wars while fervently opposing the wars America wages in the Middle East to supposedly stamp out Islamic terror? Americans would like to the hear the truth.


  1. Grayson is a politician, which by definition means he's a pragmatist. Just because you align with him on some issues doesn't mean you'll agree with him on all issues. At least he's a step in the right direction.

    Perhaps you have confused him with a principled statesman?

    Or is this a contradiction in terms, as the health of the state is war???

  2. "the health of the state is war???"

    How's that working out?

    Mercantilist empires generally last longer than militarist ones.

    Grayson appears to place the demands made by Israel and its Zionist supporters over the interests of the USA. This post highlights the fact that Neocons and Liberals are both capable of putting "Israel first".

  3. When Grayson stood up to the Bankers, I was heartened. When Grayson voted against the Report, I was disheartened. He'll probably turn out to be another Waxman--all talk, no meaningful action. Waxman said he would oppose corruption but do nothing ever to injure Israel or the Jews.
    That is like an Italian who won't do anything to injure the Pope or other Italians--no matter what they do. I hope like crazy we can replace some of these so called representatives in the election cycle

  4. what a freaking circus this is, corruption, corruption, corruption

  5. Why even give an ear to the political class. They which control the hypnoblaster program the public mind. What the Graysons have is several days lead on breaking stories. A question...if anyone esides Mr. Woods cracked up his car at two thirty am, would he be breathalyzed?

  6. if i may quote Mr. Jimmy Carter:

    "...but I understand the political pressures on any candidate in the United States of America who is running for office as a member of Congress or senator or governor or President.. They can't possibly approve my doing anything with which the government of Israel disagrees, so I don't criticize him or Senator Obama or Senator McCain for their inevitable and understandable criticism my actions."

    At which point Carter gives a big, wide, mother-loving grin....a grin one must see to appreciate fully: