November 14, 2009

Israel Builds Monument to 9/11

US-Israel identity crisis

November 13, 2009

A friend seizes on an aside in a piece in Haaretz:

"Speaking near Jerusalem during the unveiling of a memorial for the victims of
the 9/11 terror attack in the United States, Olmert added that there was a
clear difference between terrorists and the countries that fight them."

One of those puzzling background noises that make you stop, rewind, and replay to make sure. So a memorial for the victims of the September 11 bombings is now a public monument in Jerusalem. What is it doing there? Why should this surprise us less than, say, a Pearl Harbor Monument in Sydney, a Fort Sumter Remembrance Tabernacle in Paris, or a Coventry Blitz Museum in Culver City?



  1. Some conspiracy minded individuals might think this ironic!

    Amnesias Goldmen

  2. I wonder if it is a memorial to the victims or a memorial of a great military (albeit covert) achievement?

    Is it just for the Jewish victims? If so, there wouldn't be very many names to put on it, would there?

  3. Anonymous is proof that anti-Semitism unfortunately continues to rage in this world. Many Jews were among the 9/11 victims including the Chairman of the Port Authority, a man who refused to abandon his disabled non-Jewish co-worker to save himself (both died) and at least one of the leaders of the Flight 93 passenger uprising, a Judo champion. If Anonymous bothered to read the report he/she would have seen it was a monument to all Americans and each of the countries (including countries maintaining no diplomatic relations with Israel) that lost nationals in the 9/11 attacks. Obviously, Anonymous shares the irrational hate of those who sponsored and carried out the attacks.

  4. "Obviously, Anonymous shares the irrational hate of those who sponsored and carried out the attacks."

    Do you really suppose that he hates Arabs and all Muslims?

    I wonder what that "Judo champ" thought of the missile that hit flight 93?