November 16, 2009

Gordon Brown: Britain can lead new world order

"When Britain is bold, when Britain is engaged, when Britain is confident and outward-looking, we have shown time and again that Britain has a power and an energy that far exceeds the limits of our geography, our population, and our means."

- Gordon Brown

Britain must play key Afghan role

Nov 16, 2009

LONDON - PRIME Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday Britain must play a comprehensive role in 'changing the world' as he defended the country's military mission in Afghanistan.

Mr Brown also said more has been planned in 2009 and 'enacted with greater success' to cripple Al-Qaeda than in any year since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan to oust the Taleban regime in 2001.

The premier is facing mounting pressure at home over Britain's involvement in the war amid waning public support as the number of soldiers killed grows. An increasing majority of Britons want the country's 9,000 troops out of Afghanistan within 12 months, according to the latest opinion poll.

Mr Brown, who is tipped to lose a general election to the opposition Conservatives due by June, said Britain must not retreat 'into isolation' on foreign policy, but be both 'patriotic and internationalist'.

'I believe that Britain can inspire the world. I believe that Britain can challenge the world. But most importantly of all I believe that Britain can and must play its full part in changing the world,' he said in a speech, extracts of which have been released by Downing Street.

'To do so we must have confidence in our distinctive strengths: our global values, global alliances and global actions: because with conviction in our values and confidence in our alliances, Britain can lead in the construction of a new world order.' -- AFP

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  1. When Brown and others like him go out and fight then he can talk but sitting safe in his home with his family who are never going to suffer lose of one of their children then he should keep his mouth shut he is sending other peoples sons to their death for the iterests of what money for the rich. Blair is rich beyond his dreams and has three sons and a daughter well three of them are old enough to get out to Helman and give a hand the same with the royals plenty of cannon fodder there, but know all talking heads Brown has sold out a long time ago he should have seen how Blair lost it the more power he sort and he will follow and the sins of the fathers will be visited on their sons, Blair and Brown.

  2. Gordy, stop concerning yourself with leading the world and concentrate on leading your country out of its recession that you helped cause.

    Remember your words ''no return to boom and bust'' when you were Chancellor? What the heck was that about?