October 14, 2009

Dumb show: Matthews asks ‘who’s funding neocon front groups?’ with nary a word about Israel

by Philip Weiss on October 13, 2009

Bill Kristol

Tonight Chris Matthews, my favorite broadcaster, followed the Liz Cheney story with a segment on Cheney’s new org, Keep America Safe. Matthews said boldly that Keep America Safe is a neoconservative "front" group, ala The American Enterprise Institute, the Project for the New American Century, and the Committee on the Present Danger. He said that Bill Kristol, who pushed the Iraq war for years, is involved with Cheney’s group after an unsuccessful stint at the New York Times. Now Kristol wants to bomb Iran. Has since 2006. Then very nearly spluttering, Matthews asked Who funds these groups?

Good question.

His guests were investigative journalists David Corn and Mike Isikoff. Everyone was very mocking of Kristol’s efforts, and the neocon orgs. Corn said that neocon groups were "genetically" the same as Communist/Trotskyite/Stalinist sectarians of the 30s, they shared that heritage.

Mike Isikoff

Isikoff answered Matthews’s question by saying that these groups got "seed money from wealthy donors," including Sheldon Adelson, casino king.

The group laughed about Adelson for a bit.

The segment was a disgraceful charade. Adelson and Kristol care about Israel. That is the core of their political engagement. That is why Kristol, a proudly parochial Jew, wants to attack Iran. The subject was never broached.

Gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson

Matthews regularly brings up Irish Catholic identity when he has a fellow Irish Catholic on. In this segment, it would have been only fair to a viewer to bring up Jewish identity and Zionism. But Isikoff and Corn are both Jewish, and neither of them opened the door on these important matters, and fearless Chris Matthews is afraid to touch the matter. Corn’s "genetic" statement was a kind of code.

How helpful is this to a viewer when we all know that neoconservatism grew out of the Jewish community and is still largely Jewish/Zionist? And its foreign-policy concerns always revolve around Israel. When will the ban on mainstream coverage of Walt and Mearsheimer end?

As to funding, as I have reported, Sheldon Adelson gave three tranches of $100,000 to the Republican party in 2000. The last one came after Bush’s victory was affirmed by the Supreme Court, in December, and at the very same time Doug Feith, the nebbish lawyer and Zionist, was named an Under Secretary of Defense. Adelson and Feith were both involved with One Jerusalem, which was opposed to the peace process. They got their wish. Bush had nothing to do with the peace process. Feith believes that Judea and Samaria, biblical words for the West Bank, are part of Israel.

What’s money got to do with American politics?

And as to that other neocon front group, AEI, it supplied more brains to the Bush administration than anyone. Even Dick Cheney was at AEI. What did he drink there? AEI is chaired by Bruce Kovner, the secretive hedge king who is closely associated with Zionist neocons. What is the role of Jewish money in our politics, and how much of that Jewish giving is wrapped around a dedication to the Jewish state? How many liberal hawks also care about Israel? Why did Chuck Schumer vote for the Iraq war? Why did Hillary?

Matthews would never cut Christians a break in a similar religious/political context.


Matthews tiptoes past the neocons’ tribal politics yet again


  1. Everybody in media tiptoes in bunny slippers around the obvious - yet we continue to scorn those who site an obvious conspiracy of Jews controling content everywhere but the internet.

    My Russian grandfather hated Jews. I never understood as a youngster - but now as I get older and see the mischief, the control and the retribution... I wonder ... HOW do they get away with destroying reputations and careers of those who question Jewish power?

    Can no one stop this cancerous gang? And why has this question been asked by EVERY culture, throughout history? .... and still no answers... just scorn.

    Watching the destruction of the Goldstone report by the Israeli faction of this mob... I am again impressed by the totality of Jewish control of every discussion wherein they are questioned, indicted or condemned for their treachery.

    I am beginning to think that 1.3 billion Muslims hold the key to our chains. We should empower them, and push for Al Jazeera in our media mix throughout the country.

    America is Sobibor West - with a Jew in every watch tower. It will not change unless we rattle our chains, and help those who would destroy this cancer once and for all.